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Rant with a Kiss

Posted by sinfulwolf - September 15th, 2009

I have to write another zombie short like I did many... many pages back. Perhaps with a vampire character as well? Could be fun.

Regardless, not sure of the artist for the picture below, but I quite like it. Sexy, but not raunchy. If you don't like female sexuality, not the picture for you. If can not comprehend how a painter or digital artist can make something that someone might find sexually stimulating, not for you. If you want to start a crusade against art like this, get a fucking life and open your fucking eyes. People are getting massacred in the name of Gods and Messiahs, drugs are getting handed out like candy, rapists walk the streets, but fuck... if someone should look at a drawn picture with nudity, sexuality, or even implied then they have commited a horrible horrible sin. They should be condemned, humiliated, and degraded.

So let us forget the true evils of the world, to focus on some harmless sex, and make it seem like the most evil of things that looms over this world, even though without it we would have died out millions of years ago. Before you say that humans don't deserve to live, than you are a pessimistic and hateful fuck. Back on track, sex is a nice thing to have with a consensual partner. Should I see any comments about rape below, you are a sick fuck not even worth talking to, and you deserve a bullet to the brain to get you out of this world, because you are just part of the problem. Consensual sex is beautiful, no matter the gender either. I better not get any homophobic comments below either, because you're just another human hating problem.

The world is dark and forboding, to hate on people because of sex... wake the fuck up.

Enjoy the picture.

Rant with a Kiss


i agree with everything you just said. wow i dont agree with people often consider yourself lucky

I am lucky once in awhile.

/Agree. Also, pic is very related. <3'ing it.

Glad you agree, and glad you love the picture. I loved it, and wanted to share it, and was going to build up an argument around it, but instead just ranted. Regardless, it is a beautiful picture.

It's a decent one up until you notice the bloody tongues...they're kind of gross. :D

I didn't mind it. Then again, I'm kind of weird.

So true, It's unfournate that the world leaders fail to realize this, but what can we do they'll all puppets in the grand scheme of things, we can't uprise against them, it'll just repeat itself but more painfully and slowly, Faith is for the weak-minded.

Faith... no. I have faith, might not be what you imagine first off as faith, but I have it. I hold my own religious views, and I don't share them, they are private. However, I don't let men of this earth persuade my views because the ones that came before them interpreted words a certain way.

Regardless, this rant isn't really about religion. Religion is only a part of it. Its on society as a whole, society which has put such a negative label on sexuality. It's become taboo, even though the youth of today are scrambling across the internet plastering pictures of tits and cocks everywhere, and young boys and girls are masturbating and fucking at such a young age these days, sexuality is still frowned upon, even by these people who are plummeted into pornography.

While someone might be a collector of porn and such online, in the real world, they are embarrased by sexuality.

Its a strange place we live in, and I made a second rant on a comment... I really didn't mean to do that.

defiantly agree with what u said... I WOUD LOVE if everyone could think like that

and picture... hot dam that is like instant hard on lol
but truly erotic picture

I am happy you agree with my thoughts, I'm also happy you agree with my taste in pictures. This will only mean more will come... pictures not rants. Rants only come when they come... which is somewhat irregular.

i totally agree with what you wrote. i also like the picture, its awsome.

Glad you enjoyed the picture.

i totally agree with what you wrote. Also the picture is awsome!

Thank you much. It would seem a lot of people around here agree with my little speal.

I fapped to it joyfully

Right... well to each their own I suppose.

you are talking about the picture... right? Not the rant?

Love it!! And I too agree with you.
Consensual is beautiful....no matter what!
Thank you so much for sharing this rant...you fuckin rock!!!

Thank you so very much. On everything you said.
Your welcome for sharing as well.

you speak the truth, true i do find homosexuality a little odd, but i accept it, i also believe sexuality is not the most evil thing in the world, but you need to draw the line at some point. you can't have 5 year olds watching porn, that would be wrong.

nice pic by the way

5 year olds watching porn is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about how sexuality can ramp up a movie's rating to the point where people won't sell it anymore, but they allow violence galore. You can have Rambo running through the jungle tearing people to pieces and showing babies getting thrown into fires, but god forbid some consensual sex with nudity shots was shown.

Yes there is a time and place for everything, but people tend to think that sex is a vile thing. That was the entire point of this, not to have a child of 5 watching porn, but rather for people to see that sexuality, nudity, its not a horrible thing. A woman's body, a man's body, they are beautiful things.

So... we have media targeted towards youth that show plenty of violence and killing, but if it showed any sex then its horrible. That's my point. I'm talking about amongst adults, and not youth.

The picture was related. I had someone see it and go off on about how it was disgusting because there was two topless women kissing.

I wish that more people were as smart as you. Naturally, fair and reasonable age restraints should be in order and APPROPRIATE censoring should be in place. But to demonize anything pertaining/depicting it, saying it's unfit for people who went through FUCKIN' MIDDLE SCHOOL SEX ED., is that not going against the ambitions of most people who wish to find their significant other, love them and raise offspring with them? Are you and I the only people that can look at that dilemna and say "Wtf?!?!?". I'm glad someone else can say that that crusade is a fuckin' waste of everyone's time. And anyone who hates on homosexuals should just fuckin' join the fourth reich while they are at it.
Got the facts out of the way.
Now I get to tell you that it's damn easy for you to say that consensual sex is beautiful, wonderful thing. What with my horrible timing with women. Granted, I was raised to be a charming gentleman and I can be when I deem the situation calls for it. It's just that all the women in my area are taken or are overly bitchy. Believe me, if you weren't all the way over in Canada, I might have asked you out for how smart you are. Actually, distance isn't a problem if you're close to Ohio. Although, my first long distance relationship ended so badly, I wondered if death would faze me... :(. Ah, went on too long. Sorry bout that. Anyway, nice argument, glad someone has some sense in their head and I'm lookin' forward to the next B.O.T.D!

Runnin' out a corridor of doors,


PS: The picture would be better if the blood weren't so ugly and messy. Makes me wonder how the one guy fapped to it, much less why he announced it. Alas. To each their own :D

Glad you think I'm smart. And I agree with what you stated... which is mostly in agreement with what I stated.
Now, I always wonder why people think being a charming young gentleman is such a downfall, why does everyone think its such a horrible thing. I think its amazing. Though you do have to realize that in some situations, especially behind closed doors, being a gentleman doesn't always mean what people think.
As for long distance, you have to be willing to work hard. I had to do it for two years, and me and my girlfriend are now living together happily.
Next B.O.T.D. should be coming out soonish.


P.S: I rather enjoy the picture. I think its quite erotic despite the blood around the two vampires' mouths.