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Writing Forum Threads of Interest

2010-07-11 03:26:08 by sinfulwolf

The following are some simple threads I've found of interest from the writing forum here on the NG BBS.

Discussions on Writing

Using Sex in Writing
Importance of Historical Accuracy
Fights and Battles in Writing
How do you Create your Characters?
Good Hooks
How do you feel about sucking?

Contests, Challenges and Services

Writing Review Request
Monthly Writing Contests - HQ
NG Poetry Battles
Looking for a Writer?
Short Story Battles v2
Poetry + Flash Fic Workshop


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2010-07-11 03:33:55

I am glad to see that someone took over the maintenance of such a list! Mine died so long ago :( Good job!

sinfulwolf responds:

It's not a problem. Hopefully I can keep up on it. And needless to say, I used your list to nab a bunch of these threads. Still, more than one is not a bad thing.


2010-07-11 03:43:49

A nice list. Such a product from you, Sin. Quite handy, too. Kudos to you dear.

sinfulwolf responds:

Thank ye, but it's all to help out the community. Ah who am I kidding, it's so I can keep track of everything too.


2010-07-11 05:27:14

it's like bookmarks to the bbs
only it's not

(Updated ) sinfulwolf responds:

Well technically it is bookmarks to the BBS, as the writing forum is in the BBS.
The main difference being is that they are shared bookmarks.


2010-07-11 21:07:08

Hmm. Well this is interesting :3


2010-07-13 17:40:57


sinfulwolf responds:

Uh. Hello?


2010-07-15 15:46:02

I notice some of them haven't been written in a while. You also leveled up a few ranks :3


2010-07-17 21:45:53

I dislike the "crews" who fill up the flash portal on NG...also, do you post your work on any other websites?


2010-07-19 16:29:42

Is the community there relatively active?


2010-07-21 13:37:21

Newgrounds is better for you?


2010-07-22 03:55:03

Ah yes! I forgot about the forums.

sinfulwolf responds:

They're not a bad spot. Some damn good writers there.


2010-07-22 13:29:47

That's nice to hear. It's hard to get attention on newgrounds.


2010-07-24 14:04:06

How'd you start having people read your profile and your stories?


2010-07-25 17:45:12

I will have to take a look at those links!

Nice to meet you

sinfulwolf responds:

Take a look around, and take a look at the rest of my blog for stories.

Good to meet you too.


2010-07-27 16:43:04

interesting master

sinfulwolf responds: