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U: First Thing Game U: First Thing Game

Rated 2 / 5 stars


It had potential, and the artwork and animation were both really good. However the punchline was rather... lacking.

Perhaps make it more clear in the end that the one character is upset, or angry or whatever, and have the kick a little more impactful. A bigger sound, a scream of agony from the abusee. Something just to make it really stand out and pop. As it is, it just kind of goes on without drawing much attention to itself.

The rest of it was pretty good though.

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Blakant responds:

most ppl commented on the punch, guess i rlly haf to work hard on em next time.. :)

Pancho y Pedro 2 Pancho y Pedro 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Wrong place

I have to say, that on a primarily English Website, a soundless flash with words that are done all in another language will loose a massive user base. I can't really tell what's going on, for even though the graphics and animation themselves seem pretty good, there's no voice or English translation to move the story along.

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xxxXXGibbySnchzXXxxx responds:

Yes i know! but just wait a couple days! and finally the episodes will be have audio, tranlation and else....

Operation: Graveyard Operation: Graveyard

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just wow

The animation was very fluid, and a pleasure to watch. The art style really fit the piece, with a great clash of colour. Finally and perhaps most importantly, you've shown Nene in a light I've never seen before. Very well done to everyone involved with this project. Thank you for sharing.

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Temple of Death Temple of Death

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Good basics, but nothing more.

The core of this game is mostly well done, but in such a saturated genre as the top-down flash shooter, there's nothing else aside from that to get anything higher than the score I gave it. It's smooth, the weapons are accurate, the animation was nice. But...

The story is non-existent save a few scenes at the very start to give a setting. I'm a sucker for a good story, but there's not even an attempt at one here. While I do have to congratulate you on using a female character who isn't overly sexualized just for the sake of... there's nothing interesting about her. No name, no voice, no personality... just a place holder. An interesting story, a solid character, with these things you could really pull your work above the rest. It can entertain the reader that much more if they are invested in what's going on aside from some time killing.

I found almost zero challenge to the game. Some of the enemies were on the verge of being a nuisance, but just by spamming the earliest unlocked weapon you can keep alive. It was almost boring through the entirety, and being rewarded with very little aside from new guns that wasn't really needed, and eventually at the end some medals didn't spur me on to play further. Some better form of rewards, like more creative medals, different difficulty settings, unlocks... these can all help the player want to keep moving.

Also, why is this game rated M? I've seen E rated games that are worse than this. There's no sex, no strong language, and the violence isn't bloody in the least. It's somewhat misleading.

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Why this? Why this?

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Poorly delevered

First off, this isn't a game. The interaction is limited to pressing the WSAD buttons to move, but even then only the "d" to move right is the only thing needed at all. This could have been presented as a movie than a game, as it pretty much is a movie already.

Secondly the story was poorly delivered. There wasn't really anything to solve or figure out as the answer was tossed at you. There was no reason given at all for the actions committed before the start, and there was no emotional punch at the end. It simply happened. A list of events triggered by pressing a button. I suggest working on your script writing to try and deliver that punch you want. Perhaps going back to explain why the events took place, and why this ending occurred now out of no where. Nothing clicks and nothing has punch which is the single reason this failed because there was nothing else to grab the viewer's attention.

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Road of the Dead Road of the Dead

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun, addicting, and well crafted.

Right off the bat, SickDeathFiend's signature art style came to the forefront, which simply made the game a visual treat as I've always liked his work, and it went hand in hand with this brutal and chaotic vision.

Second, right in the intro movie, came the excellent voice work. Sapphire's work in voice acting I've enjoyed since Hippolyta and still shines well in this piece, but Joshua Tomar and DruoxtheShredder both did such an excellent job with the main character, the soldiers and the commanders, fleshing out into a full story what could have been dull and boring easily. I would almost say that the background chatter really made this game stand out so many others in the zombie genre. It brought to life to terror, chaos and carnage of an outbreak of the undead.

On top of art and voice acting the sound effects and music from SoS also create a full experience and really make it stand out.

Finally onto the gameplay itself; the controls were easy, and quite responsive for the most part, though I did find there were times the car would stop without explanation and often lead to death as it would happen in front of a soldier or helicopter. Some more bullets and a longer range with the pistol would have been nice to deal with soldiers outside the car but it didn't really impact the feel or flow other than those moments.

The upgrading system was quite good, and the upgrades themselves made a noticeable difference even if I didn't see any visible gauges for personal or vehicle health aside from the speedometer for, well speed. While it would have been nice to have some explanation or tutorial saying what you needed to do to get points, it was obvious after my first death. Also, the save and checkpoint system was very nice, and the fact that I didn't need to beat a section to earn those points was very welcome.

The zombie variety was a nice visual touch, and while all the soldiers looked the same, that is the point of a uniform. While the heavy gore and crashes caused some heavy lag it wasn't difficult to deal with and wasn't a problem.

The jolts from smashing into cars was very jarring, and while it was a nice little touch for difficulty perhaps the upgraded bumped could have lessened that impact a bit.

The ending of the story line was not entirely expected, though with some of the folks involved I suspected something along those lines was coming down the highway.

In the end, it's a great and entertaining game, with some feelings of Carmageddon. Well done to everyone involved.

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Evil-Dog responds:

That's quite a detailed review you got there man :D All the praises are much appreciated, I'd like however to give props to John Creasman aka Xalkie (yeah the main character is named that too :D) for the voice acting he did alongside Druox and Tomar, he did a superb job with pretty much half the story dialogs and soldiers, SickDeathFiend also did the zombie sounds. and SoS made amazing music but not the sound effects, I will take my due credits for those hahaha :D I'm lucky to work with such a great team, I've been a fan of SDF since like 2003 and nwo i'm working with him? awesome! You made valid points about some gameplay "flaws", nothing's perfect but we're all working toward that! Thanks for the great review! Take care

Recent Audio Reviews

Vampire's Lament *C-Star* Vampire's Lament *C-Star*

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good vibe

Like Eperiod said, it does have a very classical vampire feel to it (much like the Castlevania series). It has a dark vibe, but also seems sorrowful which matches the title well. It gives me images of torch lit castles beneath a dark sky and a full moon. Well done, and thank you for sharing.

Slave Slave

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The beat and music are excellent, but really for this its just background for your singing.

Speaking of which, your voice is beautiful, but somehow haunting in this piece, and almost a cross between sad and excited. It's an interesting way to got through with things.

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Recent Art Reviews

Female Figure Study Female Figure Study

Rated 5 / 5 stars

5 gib, 5 star. Well done.

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Sabtastic responds:

yes gibbit

Saga of the Dead Saga of the Dead

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Always loved your style. You do people really well, and your zombies are unique. Love it.

SickDeathFiend responds:


Lanora P13 Lanora P13

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very pretty

Your work here, as always, is very pretty. In and of itself it's quite good and I love the details and sensuality of the image, which is stark contrast to the devastation behind the character.

However I think perhaps you should have put some wear and tear on her. Splotches of mud on her skin, scratches, torn clothes, etc. This is mostly due to the background that has come with her, as her appearance is as contrasting with the story and background, as she is with the background.

Just a suggestion, but on its own the picture is very nice.

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